OCTOBER 2016 CURRENT MEMBERSHIP 929 MEMBERS | OCTOBER 2016 PERFORMANCE - RIO ARC (GBP) £160.28 +32.13% (1 Year) | RIO ARC (USD) $150.58 +18.39% (1 Year) | RIO PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS FUND $146.24 +5.81% (1 Year) | RIO REGULAR INVESTMENT ACCOUNT $80.56 +13.56% | RIO PROPERTY GROUP LIMITED Q3 2016 +8.38% (1 Year)
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Welcome to the RIO Club

This website is for the exclusive use of RIO Club members. RIO does not promote any RIO funds to the general public, and  participation in any RIO Group is strictly limited to Club members. RIO Fund performance / information and recent Fund trades / updates are all password protected with access only available to members.

The Real Investment Opportunities Club (The RIO Club) is a private Investment Club conceived November 1994 and founded in February 1995. The club name "RIO" was derived from an anagram of ROI (return on investment). During its inception we spent considerable time selecting a name that would give investors a clear indication that this venture would likely become a lifelong activity, as continuing growth bears out.

Today there are 929 members based in 20 countries worldwide, an achievement in itself when one considers that membership has grown just through referral. Even more impressive perhaps when you consider that RIO closed the door to new membership applications in 2006 having exceeded target membership of 600. The RIO Club administration system underwent upgrading and testing through 2007 to accommodate new membership. Since we predicted the financial crisis of 2008 we had no intention to open membership during that year, we simply fine tuned the administration system and repositioned the RIO Professional investors fund to benefit from the predicted crisis.

By June 2010 RIO had build up a sizable backlog of referrals from its membership due to the fact that we closed the doors to new member applications in late 2007; this was expedited to free up the much needed time to protect existing members from effects of the forecasted financial crisis of 2008. Having accurately predicted the arrival of the now famous 2008 financial crisis RIO were as expected able to protect most of the existing member’s assets from the effects of the forecasted crisis.

The operation to protect member’s wealth ran though 2008/9 we again opened the door to new membership during June 2010. As such RIO began to contact the referral backlog and in line with protocol formally increased the membership quota to 888.

During October 2012 RIO launched a new regular investment product due to demand from membership for such a product. The product is simply named The RIO Regular account.

In October 2013 RIO had completed a full year of research and analysis into the UK property market, the data examined confirmed the arrival of an investment opportunity in this market. RIO re-launched the legendary RIO Property Group Ltd to take full advantage of the opportunity in the UK market; since launch this product has reported four consecutive positive quarters returning over 17% in the first year alone. That same month the club launched the ARC Bullion Account, a physical gold bullion product designed for lump sum investment. In a 16 month period this account has become the highest returning physical bullion investment in the world, averaging 1.25% per month over the 16% month period.

During 2014 RIO Launched its second Bullion product, The ARC Bullion Account GBP.

Controlling membership intake is a vital part of RIO's success. In 2015 the RIO Club membership reached 888 during our 20th anniversary year. New membership target has been set at 1000.

RIO has become the largest private investment Club in South East Asia, with assets under management in excess of 600 million dollars.

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RIO protects both it's investment products and members money by utilizing a ring fenced legal framework. Click here to read more.

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