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Contemplating RIO Club Membership?

Procrastination could be your biggest mistake in today's world

When it comes to investing and building a nest egg for the future, many people procrastinate.

They may feel they do not have the knowledge required to invest wisely. Or they may fear making a mistake and losing what money they have. That procrastination, however, is the biggest mistake they can make. Considering the uncertain future of the Social Security system in Europe, the USA and the UK, we may all be totally responsible for our own financial futures with no help from the government. It used to be that when we retired we had just a few years left to live. That is not the case anymore. In this era of constant medical advances our retirements can now stretch to 20 years or more! Without having a substantial retirement fund, we may have to live those years extremely frugally or choose to continue working well beyond the age of 65. But there is no reason why we should not be able to stop working or why our lifestyles should have to be diminished when we retire. The key is to plan ahead. That means it is imperative to begin investing immediately if we want to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in our retirement years.

In fact, when it comes to risk, not attempting to invest your money may be the riskiest choice you can make. Therefore, many take the easy way out and put their money in certificates of deposit or money market accounts because they are simple and safe. However, when the deteriorating effects of inflation and the rising cost of living are factored in, these low interest rate investments actually reduce our future spending power.

The RIO club's fund manager (William Gray) has consistently out performed the S&P 500 average return. A recent example of this would be the following:-

From January 1st 2010 to January 1st 2013 the S&P produced a positive return of 43.93% vs an annualised risk of 30%. RIO Professional Investors Fund produced 51.37% for the same period for an annualised risk of 11.92%. Almost 1/3 of the risk yet a higher gain.

By joining The RIO Club you can eliminate the fear and intimidation that so often accompanies learning the extremely important skill of investing. Typically, most new investment club members have neither the vast amounts of time and experience required to manage an investment or a portfolio of investments.

Once the members see their money at work, they become fairly avid investors. An interesting fact is that only 2 out of 10 new investment club members own a personal investment portfolio. After five years of Club membership, 9 out of 10 members have started their own personal investment portfolios which inevitably leads to financial well being.

The primary reason for our popularity and phenomenal growth is that The RIO Club also creates a safe environment where members are respected and can learn more should they wish to on how to invest. That being the case our members become comfortable with investing, they are free from the intimidation and persistent badgering of commission based investment brokers. The RIO Club does not solicit nor condone the use of brokers to promote our products. We elect instead to keep the cost of investment far lower by promoting our specialist products direct to the membership.

RIO Club members are more than aware that there is a requirement to invest their money to ensure a financially secure future, RIO (the club) are fully committed to ensuring that our membership have every opportunity to achieve this vital goal.


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