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Health Wealth and Happiness

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The RIO Club Fit for Wealth Campaign

The Desire for Health, Wealth and Happiness is within reach as a RIO member

For the past 20 years the RIO Club has focused solely on wealth management, history reveals that over 10 years ago RIO became the largest private investment club in Southeast Asia, a title we retain to this day. Retaining this prestigious position would have been impossible to achieve with qualification and experience alone but when combined with fitness it can provide the edge necessary to attain and retain our status! The ethos of the RIO staff being to maintain a fit for work attitude has helped to sustain the clubs position as the ultimate investment club.

RIO staff will testify to the value of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise. This has resulted in a miraculous change in several RIO staff members; for example our CTO Iain has lost 19kg since joining RIO! He regularly comments that his life has completely changed, and it clearly shows in his happier demeanor and approach to daily life. I have witnessed his life change dramatically since joining the RIO team. Health and wealth together provides a huge uplift to ones life!

Having witnessed the miraculous benefits which transformed RIO’s staff I pondered the idea of rolling out a fit for wealth campaign to the membership for several months. I held back on this while I sourced the right person, someone properly qualified to take charge of this section. As members can see from the credentials below, Dr Greg Wilson is no standard fitness instructor as his current role as Olympic trainer would simply confirm.

Dr Greg Wilson has an under-graduate degree in Human Movement Study and a first class honors and a Doctorate in exercise science from the University of Western Australia.  He is also an ASCA Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach.

RIO’s fitness specialist has represented Australia in 3 World Power lifting Championships. His best squat in a competition was 320 kg; best bench press 225 kg and best dead lift 320 kg.

Greg is a highly experienced professional athletic coach having trained Olympic team level athletes.   

It is by no accident that the RIO club has appointed Dr Greg Wilson as our health and fitness expert and resident feature writer. He is at the cutting edge and forefront of his industry which mirrors our expertise in the wealth management. 

The philosophy is simple; having achieved both health and wealth the pursuit of happiness is all that remains.

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RIO Fit For Wealth
Article 4 -The Daily Exercise Plan
Article 3 - What should I eat
Article 2 - Achieving a Healthy Body weight
Overview: Health, Wealth and Happiness



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