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This high risk investment aims to provide medium to long term capital appreciation through investment in space travel. Private investors have increasingly looked for exposure to investments which may traditionally have been out of reach for most. An investment of this type will not be for everyone – by its nature it may be illiquid and investors may have to wait to potentially see the forecasted returns. Virgin Galactic has announced plans to go public and is aiming to become the first listed space company.

Above-Watch Virgin Galactic's fifth SUCCESSFUL spaceflight in five months! October 6th 2023

By being ready to invest from the outset RIO 888 will aim to provide investors with the opportunity to profit from this exciting industry. To provide some short term growth and a degree of liquidity the Account will trade and/or hold a focused selection of gold mining stocks, however, in line with the terms and conditions, RIO 888 should be viewed as a buy and hold investment.

Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit Newsfeed

May 3rd 2024 - Virgin Galactic to launch 7th commercial spaceflight on June 8

Feb 6th 2024 - Virgin Galactic Reports Flight Issue to FAA

Jan 26th 2024 - Virgin Galactic Completes 11th Successful Spaceflight

Dec 21st 2023 - Virgin Galactic to launch 6th commercial spaceflight on Jan. 26

Nov 10th 2023 - Virgin Galactic stock soars as company announces job cuts, spacecraft shift

Nov 9th 2023 - Virgin Galactic announces layoffs, pause of space flight

Nov 3rd 2023 - Virgin Galactic Completes Sixth Successful Spaceflight in Six Months

Oct 18th 2023 - Virgin Galactic - 'Galactic 05' Research Mission Set to Become Virgin Galactic's Sixth Flight in Six Months

Oct 6th 2023 - Virgin Galactic completes fifth successful spaceflight in five months

Sep 21st 2023 - Virgin Galactic's next flight will take a Pakistani to space for the 1st time

Sep 19th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Reports Inducement Awards Under NYSE Listing Rule 303A.08

Sep 14th 2023 - Virgin Galactic to launch next space tourist mission on Oct. 5

Sep 8th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Completes Fourth Successful Spaceflight in Four Months

Aug 28th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Announces Flight Window for Third Commercial Spaceflight

Aug 17th 2023 - Why a Trend Reversal is Due for SPCE

Aug 11th 2023 - Virgin Galactic takes first tourists to edge of space

Aug 2nd 2023 - Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic saw a 400% jump in revenue, thanks to its space flights and ‘membership fees’ for astronauts-to-be

Jul 17th 2023 - Virgin Galactic to launch second commercial space flight next month

Jul 6th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Selects Boeing Subsidiary Aurora to Build new Motherships

Jun 29th 2023 - Virgin Galactic launch live: Rocket successfully carries first paying customers

Jun 29th 2023 - SPCE Stock Rockets Ahead Of Virgin Galactic Launch; How To Watch The Commercial Space Flight

Jun 28th 2023 - Virgin Galactic set to launch its first commercial rocket plane spaceflight

Jun 16th 2023 - SPCE Stock Rockets 44%; Virgin Galactic Set To Begin Regular Flights This Month

Jun 15th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Announces Start of Commercial Spaceflight Service

May 25th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Completes Successful Spaceflight

May 25th 2023 - Virgin Galactic set for first spaceflight in nearly two years

May 8th 2023 - Virgin Galactic to start commercial flight in late June, shares rise

Apr 27th 2023 - Virgin Galactic completes glide flight from Spaceport America

Mar 23rd 2023 - Is $200 million enough to save Virgin Orbit?

Mar 1st 2023 - UPDATE 3-Virgin Galactic finishes lengthy spacecraft upgrades, plans Q2 commercial service

Feb 15th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Stock Surges Amid New Test Flight

Feb 3rd 2023 - Poland’s SatRev Signs On for Future Virgin Orbit Flights

Jan 13th 2023 - Virgin Galactic Shakes Up Management. The Stock Is Soaring for Another Reason.

Jan 12th 2023 - Update on "Start Me Up" Mission Anomaly

Nov 21st 2022 - Virgin Galactic Appoints SARAH E. KIM AS EVP, Chief Legal Officer

Nov 9th 2022 - Spaceport upgrades aimed at attracting new customers, meeting growing demand

Nov 3rd 2022 - Virgin Galactic Signs Agreement With Axiom Space for Microgravity Research

Nov 3rd 2022 - Virgin Galactic Announces Primary Suppliers for Delta Class Spaceships

Oct 18th 2022 - Virgin Orbit and Luxembourg Minister of Defence Sign Agreement to Advance Allied Responsive Space Capabilities Across Europe

Oct 12th 2022 - Virgin Orbit, Spire Global Sign Multilaunch Agreement

Sep 20th 2022 - Wagner Corporation Collaborates with Virgin Orbit to Bring National Air-Launch Capability to Australia

Aug 16th 2022 - Virgin Orbit Earns AS9100 Certification, Building on Its Perfect Satellite Launch Record

Aug 10th 2022 - Virgin Galactic Appoints Matt Boguradzki as Vice President, Sales and Strategy

Aug 3rd 2022 - Virgin Galactic partners with Rolls-Royce as it looks to build an aircraft for supersonic air travel

May 6th 2022 - Virgin Galactic Delays Launch of Commercial Space Flight Service

Mar 30th 2022 - Virgin Galactic Appoints Pilot Kelly Latimer to Director of Flight Test

Mar 23rd 2022 - Investors will be hoping for strength from Virgin Galactic as it approaches its next earnings release

Feb 24th 2022 - Virgin Galactic remains 'long-term story,' but stock rallies 14% after earnings

Feb 16th 2022 - Virgin Galactic Shares Jump After Opening Spaceflight Ticket Sales

Jan 31st 2022 - Virgin Galactic (SPCE) Could Find Support Soon, Here's Why You Should Buy the Stock Now

Jan 28th 2022 - Virgin Galactic Announces Date of Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Financial Results and Conference Call

Jan 24th 2022 - Here's Why Virgin Galactic (SPCE) is Poised for a Turnaround After Losing 41.7% in 4 Weeks

Nov 8th 2021 - Virgin Galactic Q3 2021 Earnings Report Recap

Oct 18th 2021 - Virgin Galactic Delays Commercial Flight Launch

Oct 1st 2021 - Virgin Galactic cleared to resume space flights

Sep 21st 2021 - Is it time to buy SPCE stock?

Sep 10th 2021 - Virgin Galactic sees delay to space mission with Italian Air Force

Sep 3rd 2021 - U.S. grounds Virgin Galactic flights pending mishap probe

Sep 2nd 2021 - Virgin Galactic to fly Italian Air Force on research mission to space - U.S. aviation agency probes Branson's Virgin Galactic flight deviation

Aug 23rd 2021 - Virgin Galactic's delays continue however there's looks to be good news

Aug 2nd 2021 - Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. stock outperforms competitors on strong trading day

Jul 29th 2021 - Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE:SPCE) Prefers Stock Dilution Over Debt

Jul 11th 2021 - Sir Richard Branson takes off on 'extraordinary' space flight

May 22nd 2021 - Virgin Galactic pilots fly first crewed spaceflight from New Mexico

Mar 30th 2021 - Virgin Galactic rolls out first SpaceShip III spacecraft, 'VSS Imagine'

Feb 25th 2021 - Virgin Galactic replaces CFO, adds new engineering leadership ahead of earnings report

Jan 26th 2021 - Virgin Galactic stock on track for record high


Aug 12th 2020 - Virgin Galactic Updates: What’s Happening With SpaceX Rival

Jul 29th 2020 - Virgin Galactic offers peek inside new space plane for tourists

July 1st 2020 - Virgin Galactic expects to receive key FAA license within next two spaceflights

June 26th 2020 - Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo aces 2nd glide flight over Spaceport America

June 22nd 2020 - Virgin Galactic will help train astronauts for NASA

June 22nd 2020 - Virgin Galactic signs NASA deal for commercial space flights

June 20th 2020 - Virgin Galactic will organize private passenger trips to the space station for NASA

June 19th 2020 - NASA gets set to put astronauts on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic suborbital flights

June 17th 2020 - Making Money with Virgin Galactic Isn’t Rocket Science

June 16th 2020 - Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (NYSE:SPCE) on the Path to Profitability

June 12th 2020 - Governor appoints Spaceport Authority board members

June 8th 2020 - Calls Skyrocket on Virgin Galactic

June 1st 2020 - Virgin Galactic stock soars following SpaceX success


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