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  RIO Fixed Interest Bond

This investment has a fixed maturity date of five years and is exclusively available to club members. The RIO Fixed Income Bond will provide a fixed gross annual income of 7% on your investment for five or ten years from the inception date. The Bond returns your original investment in full at the end of the agreed term which must be selected outset.
This parcel of select investment holdings offer an attractive alternative to the normal low risk, low return paradigm. As an investor holding R.I.O. Fixed Income Bond certificates you would have the security and peace of mind of knowing that this investment has a fixed return per annum from guaranteed Income without risk to the original capital sum invested.
These holdings are usually secured by blue chip companies and / or insurance companies with the rating of A or better where a lock up return is already in position, with all participating holdings meeting the stringent criteria demanded to offer maximum investment potential for the investor. All holdings held within the portfolio have a minimum fixed term remaining on any holding of at least five years. 

IMPORTANT - Note on maturity and bond redemption

All current RIO International fixed interest bonds are for a fixed period of 5 years. If the bond holder wishes to redeem the bond after this period, adequate notice is required. If the bond holder does not give adequate notice of redemption prior to bond maturity the bond will automatically roll over into a new 5 year fixed period.

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