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RIO Property Group Series 3 Factsheet Oct2020 PDF Click here
Property Group Terms and Conditions
Apr 2020

The RIO Property Group - Series 3

The RIO Property Group Ltd offer what will become known as its third property portfolio package. Again capitalizing in prime property conditions RIO opens the door of opportunity once again affording members access to this unique opportunity - exclusively available through the RIO Property Group Ltd. As with series one and two the series three investment carries a limited availability, and the usual 5 year fixed term applicable, at maturity 100% of original capital and any and all gain will be remitted to the investor.
RIO had closed series two its previous property investment and by October 2018, this resulted in a net return of 69.43% in just under five years. The series two product had closed some months earlier than forecast, the early closure due to the continuing failure of the UK government to secure any clear solution to Brexit. We had predicted that such failure would weigh heavily on UK property values, which it did, closing series two early had since proven to be justified.

Today, the political uncertainty which had surrounded Brexit and had plagued the market has already begun to dissipate. The result of the general election held in December 2019; a landslide victory for the Conservatives, will almost certainly lead to stability for the UK property market.

RIO had tracked the market throughout 2019, and had identified a select group of commercial and residential properties which are undervalued and would benefit from redevelopment. The company had had already entered final discussions with vendors of two commercial properties in January 2020, each property would benefit from our planned refurbishment. RIO has since been approached by a suitable tenant who has in turn expressed an interested in leasing the whole building, importantly this tenant already known to RIO for twenty years.

Upon completion both properties would fit our remit as each offers the potential to deliver returns in line with our target of 55-60% within the 5 year period.

looking forward RIO Property seeks to secure land and/or buildings which would benefit from upgrading or redevelopment. All properties within the portfolio will be owned outright and be free of any liens and no mortgage facilities will be used. The monies required to both purchase and redevelop the holdings will be generated by the issue of shares in RIO Property Group Ltd.

The investment is to be structured as low risk and offers an attractive alternative to the normal low risk low return paradigm.



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