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Product closed Oct 2018 with 66.01% net gain remitted to those previously invested

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RIO Property Group Factsheet
Oct 2018

Below you can view our ongoing property projects

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The RIO Property Group Ltd are to offer what will become known as its second property portfolio package. All members who surrendered their holdings in January 2003 as per the terms and conditions will recall that the profits realized - the net ROI of this investment for the 5 year period was 57%, this along with the original capital was remitted to all members in full during 2003.

Following the successful realization of the first offering made by the RIO Property group in 2003, RIO forecasted that the market would remain lackluster and as such remained out of the market.

RIO's forecast during January 2003 was extremely accurate, there was a small upside remaining but this was accompanied by greater risk (RIO's exit strategy was nothing short of perfection).

Our vast knowledge and experience of this market again has enabled RIO to identify several property development opportunities, physical acquisition was carried out in in April / May 2013 ahead of our forecasted upturn in the residential property market.

RIO's research simply confirmed that a change in government policy towards the residential property sector / lending was imminent. This change would bolster the market further. This is even better when coupled with the core drivers influence, the historically low interest rate - and the massive demand by he general public (who have been saving for years to meet the ridiculous 40% deposits recently demanded). This is now changing as we publish this information, some banks are now prepared to approve mortgages with deposits of 25% - 30%. It is expected that 2014 will see many banks reduce their deposit requirements further.

Click here to see a report by STV on the UK Property market.

Capitalizing in prime property conditions RIO opens the door of opportunity once again - affording members access to this unique opportunity - exclusively available through the RIO Property Group Ltd. As was the case previously this investment carries a limited availability - and the usual 5 year fixed term applicable, at maturity 100% of original capital and any gain will be remitted to the investor.

The RIO Property group fixed term certificate carries a target return of 10% per annum.

First project - Target completion date is January 2014.
Second project - Start date February 2014

Further details are available on request.

History is very likely to repeat itself - don't miss out on capturing the explosive gains!



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