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Welcome to the RIO Club

The RIO Club is the largest private investment club in Asia.

This website is for the exclusive use of RIO Club members. RIO does not promote any RIO funds to the general public, and  participation in any RIO Group is strictly limited to Club members. RIO Fund performance / information and recent Fund trades / updates are all password protected with access only available to members.

The Real Investment Opportunities Club (The RIO Club) is a private investment club conceived in November 1994 and founded in February 1995. The Club name "RIO" was derived from an anagram of ROI (return on investment). During its inception considerable time was spent selecting a name that would give investors a clear indication that this venture would likely become a lifelong activity, as continuing expansion has since borne out.

Today there are 1070 members based in 20 countries worldwide, an achievement in itself when one considers that membership has grown by referral only.

Definitive moments of the past 2 decades

In 2007 having correctly predicted the arrival of a financial crisis, RIO closed its doors to new membership. That year the focus was instead on the total repositioning of all RIO investments, to both protect and/or benefit club members from what latterly become known as the global financial crisis of 2008.

The operation to protect member’s wealth was successful, and once again the door was opened to accept new member applications in 2009 by which time RIO had built up a sizable backlog of new member referrals from its existing membership. The fact that the club had closed its doors to new member applications in favor of protecting existing members had not damaged the club, in fact the end situation quite the opposite.

By 2010 it became apparent that the exercise to protect members from the effects of 2008 was about to pay major dividends. For the first time members felt compelled to talk to their friends and colleagues, not about the returns realized on their investments, but more importantly our membership repeatedly stressed that they appreciated the time and effort RIO had taken to protect their assets. The additional focus on wealth protection had infact provided the much needed wealth preservation when many in the investment industry had simply failed to warn their clients in a timely manner, in many causes causing catastrophic losses.

Having promoted mostly low risk investments for over 4 years following the crisis RIO once again designed and created an equity based investment product, launched in October 2012. This regular investment product seeking to offer members the opportunity to potentially capitalize from the fact that the markets had stablized. The product is simply named The RIO Regular Investment account, a US dollar based product.

In October 2013 RIO, following 12 months of intensive research in the UK property market, we forecast the arrival of an upturn in this market (creating an investment opportunity). Accordingly, RIO for the second time utilized an already established investment vehicle, The RIO Property Group Ltd. Since relaunch of this investment it has reported 16 consecutive gaining quarters returning 57.70% in the first 4 years of the 5 year projected term.

Furthermore, during October 2013 RIO highlighted the fact that fundamental changes that had occurred within the bullion market, these changes could potentially lead to the arrival of a bull market condition in physical gold. To take advantage of the opportunity the Club launched RIO ARC Bullion account, an actively traded physical bullion investment product. Importantly, RIO had conisderable experience in this field having previously actively traded bullion from 1998 to September 2011. To-date recorded statistics rank this account as the top performing physical bullion investment product in the world, in US Dollar terms.

Following the success of the ARC Bullion account (USD), RIO launched the second bullion product, the ARC Bullion account (GBP) in December 2014. The GBP account has, like its sister account, outperformed all other physical gold based products, having averaged 1.96% per month for the period December 2014 to December 2017.

During March 2016 RIO identified an opportunity in platinum. Accordingly, RIO launched its first actively traded physical platinum investment product. This product recorded returns exceeding 22% in the first 12 months, and to meet demand for a similar Sterling based product, RIO launched the RIO platinum (GBP) account in March 2017.

The returns achieved by the RIO Regular account (USD) has led to increased demand from the membership for additional actively managed stock trading investment products. To both meet the demand, and offer access to a managed stock portfoilio, RIO launched the RIO Regular Investment account (GBP) in June 2017.

Controlling membership intake has always been a vital part of RIO's success. During its 20th anniversary year a new membership target had been set at 1000. This target membership level was reached on the 17th January 2018.

The RIO Club is now the largest private investment Club in Asia, with assets under management in excess of 800 million dollars.

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