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The RIO Club “a Private Investment Club”

The Real Investment Opportunities Club (The RIO Club) is a private Investment Club founded in February 1995. With a current membership of 1110 members who are based in 20 countries worldwide. The Club has become the largest private investment Club in Asia this by considered by many to be quite an achievement since our membership has grown through recommendation only. Over the past eight years assets under management have increased dramatically with further investment as has money under management.

RIO’s constant increase in membership and money under management has produced substantial benefits for the members, for example the recently reduced charging structure available within RIO Professional Investment Fund, currently unbeatable in the offshore market today.

The Club also has a dedicated Fund manager who was among the first in the world to have accurately predicted the financial crisis of 2008 which is still affecting markets today. Importantly as part of the RIO group of companies we offer a dedicated Fund administration service from our offices which provides an online statement facility supported by independent fund specific websites. This enables a club member to check up on their investments from any internet enabled device

Investment Procedure

Having decided to invest in one of the clubs investment funds you automatically become a member however there is a compliance protocol which must be precisely adhered to prior to your investment being received.

Click here to view the investment procedure.


RIO’s vision lies within the pursuit of Real Investment Opportunities for its members. The club investment products aim to be unique and distinctive in an ever competitive world.
The clubs investment products aim to exceed the expectations for our members through extensive research. RIO will remain focused on monitoring and evaluating worldwide events which could affect the various markets and developing investment strategies based thereon. Careful risk management through monitoring and analytical techniques intended to make risk management more rational and effective.

Reliable Investment Opportunities must deliver a sound Return On Investment though the pursuit of excellence in creativity, innovation and the highest levels of integrity.
The club believes in behavioral value based on respect, trust and strong professional leadership whatever the personal priorities the club members may have in business and/or family.
Historic News

1997 - Club membership at 157 members. Having predicted capital growth in the UK property market, RIO Property group is incorporated to acquire commercial property.

1998 - First full colour newsletter, the RIO News. Membership exceeds 190, target membership set at 400 to facilitate the incorporation of an investment company. It is planned to offer direct investment opportunities to the membership. This will reduce the cost associated with selling third party investment products.

1999 - Club membership now at 265 members worldwide. New club secretary employed.

2000 - Club membership reaches 300 with members based in 9 different countries.

2001 - Club membership breeches 400 and as such the RIO Portfolio is launched, the clubs first collective investment scheme.

2002 - RIO International Investments Limited is incorporated. RIO starts to design it's own investment products to be submitted for licensing.

2003 -RIO launched its first Government license Private Mutual Fund.

June 2004
-RIO Launched it's second Government license Private Mutual Fund.
New administration offices opened in the Isle of Man.

July 2005 - Membership now at 585 members. Our 10th anniversary issue of The RIO Club newsletter (10 Years of Success) went to print in July 2005. This was the Clubs first 60 page snap shot issue which was aptly titled ‘Past, Present and Future’ published and distributed to the membership in full colour during September 2005. 

December 2006 -RIO Launched it's third Government License mutual Fund.

2007 - Target membership of 650 fulfilled and exceeded. Due to our forecast of a coming financial crisis and the fact that membership quota is already full, no new membership referrals are being accepted pending planned administration systems review.

2007 / 2008 - RIO upgrades and tests it's new online administration reporting system.

2010 - The RIO Club raises it's membership quota to 888 due to demand and as such has started to accept members referrals once again. We will also be contacting the referrals which members submitted throughout the membership closure period.

2012 - The RIO Club designed and developed reporting software in-house for the RIO Professional Investors Fund.

2013 - RIO Launched two new lump sum investment products,the ARC Bullion Account and the RIO Property Group Ltd.

2014 - RIO Launches its second Bullion product, The ARC Bullion Account GBP.

2015 - Club membership reaches 888 during our 20th anniversary year.

2016 - New membership target has been set at 1000.

2017 - The club ended December 2017 recording the highest annual membership enrollment seen since 2015. The club ended December 2017 recording the highest annual membership enrollment seen since 2015.

2018 - The target membership figure of 1,000 members was officially reached. The thousandth member coming on board in January 2018. RIO launched The currency Concept account in October 2018, this account to trade the Cable - Sterling US Dollar positions targeting the potential returns from currency volatility expect due to Brexit.

The target membership figure of 1,000 members was officially reached. The thousandth member coming on board in January 2018.

2019 - RIO launched 888 on August 2019 a high risk investment weighted to Virgin Galactic, and there new age space tourism business.  888 can also invest up to 30% of its capital in gold mining stocks.

2020 - RIO launched its third series of RIO Property Group Ltd, a fixed term product with a planned maturity date of January 2025.


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