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RIO Club at a glance

  1. The club was founded on a referral only basis; this remains the sole driver for new membership.

  2.  Established over two decades ago.

  3. The RIO Club became the largest private investment club in Asia during 2000; today RIO has retained its position at the top for over twelve years - being by far the largest.

  4. There is no sale force required due to the referral system.

  5. No commission is charged on products as there’s no sale force to pay; this promotes a high degree of honesty and transparency.

  6. The club established the highest return from a Sterling based income bond in the world during 2000.

  7. The RIO Fixed income bond remains the envy of the market - its historic returns put this product at the top of Sterling based fixed income bonds on the market even today.

  8. The club benefits from a dedicated in house fund manager - who has constantly outperformed both the FTSE 100 and S & P 500 over the past five years.

  9. Uniquely both Fund management and administration fees have remained unchanged since 1998 - as most in the industry quadrupled there charges.

  10. Products are exclusive being offered solely to membership - they are not available on general market place.

  11. Since the foundation the club continues to expand with members now based in over 20 countries worldwide.

  12. A bespoke on line reporting system which affords members the opportunity to check investments held 24 hour a day and also be alerted via SMS to any fund pricing changes.

  13. Detailed fund performance and investment reports are sent direct members on a regular basis.

  14. All products are specifically designed for membership.

  15. RIO is short for real investment opportunities the name being derived from an anagram of ROI - return on investment - perhaps the most important element in any investment.

  16. RIO club members are entitled to our free Health, Wealth and Happiness campaign. This includes access to an olympic team trainer.

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